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Hi Mandi!

Last Sunday Sawyer had his Canine Good Neighbor test, and he passed!! He's been coming to my school once a week and I am considering joining St Johns Ambulance therapy dog program to go into hospitals, care homes, etc.  I feel like this award is part Sawyer's, part mine and definitely part yours!  Thank you for all your help- I still give your name to anyone that's looking for dog training!

Wendy and Paul

Our 5 month Mexican special  "Miss Coco Chanel” just completed Mandi’s Puppy Training program and we are extremely delighted with the results. Mandi is a dog trainer that uses a logical and kind approach with animals. They respond to her immediately. Equally important is that she is a delightful individual who we felt extremely comfortable within our home. 

Mandi,  Allison and I just wanted to express our thanks and gratitude to you for your excellent private puppy training program. From beginning to end it was always enlightening and always fun. Throughout our lessons together, you always demonstrated enthusiasm, insight, encouragement and patience no matter how silly some of our question may have been. 

 Thanks again for showing us just how rewarding it is to have a dog that is so eager to please
 and behave. And we all look forward to our next program with you in the fall.

Shawn and Allison 

 We have a Cavalier Spaniel/poodle cross and have been told for some time now that Cappuchino would grow out of his excitability, but after 3 years he was still incredibly excited and high energy. Constantly jumping on everyone, licking our 12 month neice all over and barking at every noise. We live on the Discovery Trail, so every person with a dog would start him off! We were at our wits end and had even tried doggy Prozac. Mandi came in and had him focused and listening in the first lesson. She has worked on 5 different issues we needed addressed and has had marvelous results. I'm a fan of the pack mentality and it is something that Chino has responded to incredibly. Mandi, Thank you so much for the change you've brought about in our lives. We have learned so much about how to treat our pup and he is so much calmer! It is absolutely awesome to see him so content and happy.

Mandy and David

Mandi, We wanted to say thank you for the wonderful things you accomplished while working with our Chihuahua Hank. Being a rescued dog, Hank was full of anxiety and fear of people to the point that it was affecting his quality of life.

When we decided to get professional help for him we wanted someone that shared our beliefs about what a dog is and how one should be treated. We love your philosophy that dogs are family members and that every dog is unique in what will work with them. We appreciated your all positive reinforcement with Hank as reprimanding him would have been devastating for him.

I was amazed at how quickly he came to you and to others. He has really learnt that people can be trusted and has even started to see other people as a source of love and comfort. We had thought that perhaps Hank had some cognitive delays from his previous life but you showed us that he could learn new tricks (Hank can sit on command!!) and be a loving part of our family. Your dedication and patience towards the well being of our Hank (and George when he could sneak in there!) shined through the work you did. Our family and friends have already noticed the difference in Hank and they would like to thank you as well. We would happily recommend you to others.

Brian and Jodie

Hi Mandi, Just a few words to let you know how much Joan and I appreciate the special attention you have given to our precious little German shepherd puppy "Royce". Your innate ability in discerning his special needs with regards to his over assertiveness is nothing short of miraculous. Joan and I were very concerned initially, about his fear of people, which we believe is manifests through his boisterous behavior during first contact. We watched how you applied your training techniques on him with awesome results.

His response to you now is amazing. In very short order "Royce's" attitude towards people is what it should be, which means peace of mind for us. I should also point out that his obedience training has left it's mark and we have no doubt that he will continue to grow in this area in future. Having spent 35 years in law enforcement, as a police officer, I have witnessed the training of several K-9 Unit police dogs. My prediction is, a very bright future for you "Mandi" in this your chosen field of endeavor. Should anyone ask, I would have no hesitation in recommending you as a qualified, trained and competent Dog Trainer. Keep up the good work, and thank you again for the special, loving attention you gave to our puppy.



Larry & Joan

Our Frenchie, Milo, has had a smooth & positive transformation after completing 12 back-to-back basic & advanced customized training sessions at That Darn Dog Mandi’s K-9 College. We were thoroughly impressed with the patient consistency of the training  methods Mandi utilized, which further highlighted the extensive knowledge, experience and personal research she possesses. Milo has become a well-mannered & obedient member of our family, who implements and enjoys practicing the skills we’ve learned together on a daily basis. We highly recommend That Darn Dog 

Mandi’s K9 College, and look forward to acquiring further specialized training. 

The Muters

“In order to really enjoy a dog, one doesn’t merely try to train him to be semi human. The point of it is to open oneself to the possibility of becoming partly a dog.”

-Edward Hoagland

Dog wearing Costume