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At Mandi's K-9 College we strive to make sure that your dog remains a well-mannered member of the family. We believe that quality time for both you and your dog is essential to bring out the absolute best in your canine companion. With our well-balanced training methods, your dog will be able to perform under heavy distractions anywhere. From the comfort of your home to the busy city streets, your four-legged friend will remain under control. You will notice a dramatic change in your relationship with your dog when you're finished at Mandi's K-9 College. Not only will you leave with a well-trained dog, but also be armed with the knowledge of maintaining your dog's new-found skills.

The Company

Where Dogs Are A Part Of The Family

We work hard to ensure that you are a happy and satisfied customer!

As dog fanatics, we want to make sure dog owners leave with the proper

information to ensure their dogs stays a popular member of the family.

Our dog training methods consist of a well-balanced combination of motivational and corrective techniques. This establishes a healthy relationship between owner and dog. We also work hand and paw with the owner to make certain they are

comfortable with the training methods we imply.

Our goal is for your dog to be a pleasure for the family, not a chore. On top of providing excellent training services, our techniques can be altered to the owner's specific needs.

If you have a particular requirement or issue, let us know and we will apply our methods appropriately. We are here to help you in any way we can!

We proudly provide dog training for much of the Fraser Valley.


My Story

Leash-Free and Fun for All

That Darn Dog, Mandi's K-9 College is owned and operated by Amanda Owens.
Mandi has been certified as a professional dog trainer since 2007.
She received her education from the only government-accredited dog
training facility in British Columbia: Ben Kersen and the Wonderdogs.
Mandi has specialized in problem behavior and aggression issues for more than 10
years! If you ask anyone who knows her, they will tell you that her life has always
revolved around animals. Living with dogs all her life provided her with hands-on
experience even before she knew what her career would be.
Throughout high school, her volunteer work and paid jobs were primarily involved with the pet industry, whether it was volunteering at a grooming salon or working directly with customers and their pets. With a passion not only for dogs but also any other animal
(furry or not!), Mandi has created a solid foundation for her dog training career.